Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the people present in the HackNight. The Board discusses the general direction, culture, plans, and tone of the HackNight. We reach out to breakout group leaders and help find ways to improve their work. The Board also makes sure that the HackNight is an inclusive and safe space to be in.

The Board of Directors meets every month. Contact us at directors [at] proghacknight [dot] org


Ilona Brand

I'm a fullstack software developer with a background in film and media studies and a lover of all things code, art and education.

I currently work at Etsy, and just before that attended the Recurse Center.

Rapi Castillo

I'm a coder focused on frontend, data visualization, and interactive micro-sites. I love using javascript and organizing techies.

I am also the founder of Progressive Coders Network, a network of application leaders and creators in building tools to empower the grassroots and remove the influence of big money in politics through open source and low cost tools.

Annie Hirshman

I'm a UXer, visual designer and illustrator. After many years in children's book design, I fell head over heels for user experience, and now design educational technology for W. W. Norton and Company.

I love to create beautiful and seamless experiences, from the web to the printed page. I sketch, paint with watercolors, design apps, and plot to solve the world's problems with UX.

At Progressive HackNight, you'll find me leading the Digital Team of #GetOrganizedBK, supporting the work of progressive activists in Brooklyn.

La Vesha Parker

I’m Vesha, and I studied computer science at Cornell with a focus in artificial intelligence. I currently work as a software engineer at Etsy, where I build tools that help small business owners manage their businesses effectively. When not at work, I split my time between tech activism, biking, life as a serial hobbyist, and pottery.

Sonya Reynolds

Fryda Guedes