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#31 LGBTQ Hacknight: What does a post-Gay Marriage policy look like?


Ever since the momentous passage of Marriage Equality in 2011, New York has yet to pass any laws protecting or for the benefit of the LGBTQ community. But we all know a lot of issues still exist. Protection from violence and discrimination, poverty, and lack of healthcare, are some of the issues still plaguing the community, especially in the trans community and communities of color.

Trevon Mayers, Director of Policy and Community Outreach at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, walks us through these issues and the advocacy work The Center is doing to explorewhat an inclusive post-gay marriage policy platform looks like. We will go through the strategy to build collaboration, how they go about convening stakeholders in regions all NY state to develop a shared vision for the future

Afterwards, we will proceed to the usual breakout groups. If your group is planning to do a breakout, it will really help us help you by announcing your breakout early on.

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Civic hacking

After the presentation, we will break out into discussion and working groups until 10:30pm.

Please bring your laptops!

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LGBTQ Hacknight: What does a post-Gay Marriage policy look like?

6:30 pm
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

ThoughtWorks NYC
99 Madison Ave
15th Floor

New York, NY

Enter 99 Madison Avenue and take the elevator to the 15th floor.